Aramid Turn Out Gear

Aramid Turn Out Gear

Aramid Turn Out Gear is made up of highest quality of raw material.
Aramid turn out gear

Standards : CE EN469/EN340

Outer fabric : 93% MetaAramid 200gsm, 5% ParaAramid, 2% Antistatic

Moisture Layer : 50% Aramid 50% viscose coated PTFE membrane.

Thermal layer : Carbon felt laminate wiht 50 % Aramid 50% viscose comfortable face cloth.

Specification :
1. It has got Double close front, Velcro fixing device and safety zipper.
2. Throat safeguard design adjust by Velcro ixing device
3. It has been provided with Double supper large pocket on the frock and pants, one radio pocixets on the chest and a Concealed paper pocket between double close fronts.
4. Cuff can be adjusted by Velcro and with fireproof, waterproof and thumb ring design.
5.Extra patches shall be placed to the bottom of jacket's arms to increase the movement capacity.
6.The reflector bands shall be sewed as rounded to the cuffs, foot, chest and the back parts of the jackets.
7.Waist of the trouser shall be higher at least 30 cm than jacket's foot.
8.Elastic girdle and Elastic suspenders shall be easily opening-locking and adjustable clips.
9.The sewing thread shall be meta arami.

Size : S-XXL

Available Color : Navy Blue

Nomex Turn Out Gear