Other Heat Protective Products

Other Heat Protective Products


Made out Of Alumised Glass Fibre Fabric with lining of Woollen fabric. It has a built in Fibre Glass helmet and Visor with a plain & a Tinted Poly Carbonate & an outer layer of Mica. It covers chest and is useful for Heat Protection in Furnace and Foundries area etc.

Leg Guard

Made out of Aluminised Glass Fibre Fabric with Flame Retardant Cotton Lining useful for protection against heat.


Heat Protective Appron

Made out of same fabric as above. Appron is with long sleecve & back open type used to protect only front side against hot sources. Size-42" long and 28" width. Detachable sleeve, only sleeves and only front Appron are also available on request.


Heat Protective Coat & Pant

Made of two layers, Outer layer of Imported Aluminised Glass Fibre & Inner layer of Woollen Fabric. Coat is with long sleeves, height is about 35" & Velcro fastner in front in Kiln, Furance etc.

Coat & Pants : Made out of Aliminised Glass Fibre Fabric with Woollen Linig.

Coat with Velcro fastner/snap fastner having long sleeves. Pants with suspenders and front having long sleeves. Pmats with suspenders and front fly with Velcro. Free size useful for the protection against heat.

Thermal Blankets

Thermal insulating blankets are custom manufactured to exact customer specifications. We may recommend other fabrics, depending upon the application. All blankets can be manufactured with hems on each side and with grommets, if necessary.